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State of Mind

There is no more important determinant of one’s health than the state of mind. Of course, genetics, constitution, lifestyle habits, etc. have a large impact, but the power of our […]



A few quotes that struck me today…… “If one believes in only what modern nihilists can see, one cannot believe that there is anything beyond ordinary existence. With this view, […]



Ever have something happen to you that you couldn’t control, or have a loved one sick with no means to stop their suffering? This feeling of powerlessness while so often […]


Am I Good Enough?

I was struck today by a patient whom I have treated for a couple of years and whom I respect as a very intelligent, caring, loving person and friend who […]


A Good Time To Die

It seems appropriate (at least to me) to contemplate death on a regular basis, and especially at significant times in one’s life. After all, we know two things are certain; […]


The Role of Intention

One of the least talked about aspects of medicine and healing is the role that our intention plays in this process. And healing most definitely is a process. Most healing […]