At the Center for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, our goal is to successfully resolve our patients medical complaints in a professional, caring, compassionate and comfortable environment which empowers individuals to lead healthier and happier lives. Some patients’ experiences are recorded below. Should you like to add your comments to this page, please contact us and we will be happy to facilitate that request.

Ross Rosen…is a valued instructor of and a direct inheritor of my work and teaching. He is extremely observant and creative in his work, adding to our accumulated knowledge more than any other associate. Of great value is his ability to formulate the essence of Chinese medicine in simple terms accessible to the average person. Chinese medicine at its best, as practiced by Ross Rosen, is capable of discerning the disease process at a very early stage before it manifests an illness, therefore preventing disease, and above all capable of delineating and treating the individual who has the disease.

-Dr. Leon I. Hammer

Ross Rosen has been studying with me since 2006 in all aspects of classical Chinese medicine. His tenacity and rigor in the learning and the grasping of the essences of Chinese medicine are highly commendable. More importantly, Ross demonstrates the same enthusiasm and devotion in teaching the art of this medicine and the heart of its profundity. He offers depth in his insights and conveys endless qi in the unraveling of the mysteries of Chinese medicine and healing.

-Jeffrey C. Yuen

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Gynecological Testimonials

I wanted to “Thank You!!!” for the great news that I am “expecting.” It has been a long 15 months but I truly believe it was the last 3 months under your care that made this miracle happen. THANK YOU Ross + Ann.

-Josephine (infertility)

Hi Ross and Ann!
I just wanted to thank you. I came to you last year because I was having trouble holding a pregnancy. It would take me about 8 months to become pregnant and then I would lose the pregnancy. I started seeing you and the first time i tried.. I got pregnant and now I have a beautiful little girl who was born in November. Thank you!!

-Kimberly (infertility)

Hi Ross! We have a heartbeat!!! According to the doctor, all is just perfect. The measurements and heartbeats are exactly what they should be…the due date is April 23. I can’t thank you enough for what you and your practice has done for me. I am just in a state of awe.

-Heather (infertility)

Dear Ross, Ann and Cheryl, How can we possibly thank you all enough?!? You made my pregnancy (and of course getting pregnant) an amazing experience. You all helped me through it and made is so much easier. My delivery was wonderful and I attribute that to you. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! For taking care of J; for helping me through the discomforts; for keeping me at ease; and of course for allowing me and T. to be able to add Z. into our family; for this and more…Thank You! All my sincerest appreciation and love,

-Andrea (infertility)

I have never felt this good, both physically and mentally, in my life! I recommend this Center to everyone I know!.

-Kate Y. (infertility)

“Ross has been instrumental in treating my condition not only through the acupuncture treatments but also through the sincerity, support and care he constantly provides. Because of Ross I am stronger both physically and emotionally. I constantly look to Ross for advice on all aspects of my condition and well being. He really takes the time to listen and provides his views and expertise. The Center for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine is an exceptional alternative to Western medicine and is highly recommended.”

-Angela (infertility)

“Whatever you’re doing it’s working. I feel ten times better than I ever did. I feel completely different; I feel like myself.”

-Margaret (infertility, emotional trauma)

“Since beginning acupuncture I feel much more calm and well grounded. I look forward to my sessions for stress relief and the effect lasts for days. I also experienced physical improvements from acupuncture – my short cycles have increased and I am back to ovulating mid-cycle. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone.

– Bobby (infertility)

“Ross is an amazing acupuncturist and person. He is extremely knowledgeable and has studied all aspects of healing and wellness. He is professional, caring, and genuinely committed to providing his clients with the very best care. I began treatments with him three years ago, and I intend to continue seeing him for as long as I am in the NJ area. I would strongly recommend him and his office to anyone considering acupuncture.”

-Leslie (infertility, anxiety and panic disorder, liver disease)


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Other Health Conditions

Gynecological | Other Health Conditions | Product Related

“Ross is a gifted diagnostician and healer who is expert in multiple systems of acupuncture and herbal medicine.”

– Dr. Brandt Stickley

“I love this place. It’s the most peaceful place in my life.”

– Diana (back pain, liver disease)

“The Center for Acupuncture has left a lasting imprint on me. My health has improved remarkably and I have learned to embrace my spirituality. Life has improved significantly for me – thanks to Ross and Ann for showing me the way!

– Michelle (stress, anxiety)

“I originally came to The Center for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine as a last resort – desperate to find a way to help with the debilitating migraines I had suffered all my 54 years! I was skeptical – being a scientist by trade – but was encouraged by a dear friend who was trained as an MD in China. So – I came to The Center 2 years ago, not knowing what to expect, but in desperate need of relief! Shortly after my evaluation, a migraine hit. It was what I described as a “monster” – totally debilitating and all consuming. I came through the doors with my eyes watering – sunglasses on at night! – desperate for help. I was treated and amazingly, the migraine immediately lessened in intensity and eventually abated such that I was able to go to work! I continued treatment – heading off potential migraines and resolving many for the next year. I had found help!
“I then received a diagnosis of breast cancer, and since I had had such success with managing my migraines, talked with my oncologist about marrying Western medicine with acupuncture to manage the effects of chemotherapy. He was skeptical – but agreed. I came to the center on the day of each chemo and on the days when I treated myself with Neulasta – which caused profound bone pain. Ann and Ross began treating me intensely to manage the effects of chemo and weather the bone pain. It was amazing for me to walk into the center in the throes of chemo – unable to walk because every bone in my body was sore! By the time I left – I always felt better – less bone pain, less fatigue – able to work!!

Whilst I know that “different people react differently” – I am a firm believer in what the treatment at The Center was able to do for me. I am convinced that I would have fared far worse had I not incorporated the treatment here with “Western Medicine.” I will continue my treatments for as long as I can – it is part of what I WILL do for myself, for my health, well being and balance. Thank you – Ann and Ross!!”

– Lynn (migraines, breast cancer, lymphedema)

“Hard to explain in words how I feel after 6 months treatment. Life got much better and calmer. Was on the verge of consuming modern chemicals to get rid of the panic I have; thereby suppressing any natural behavior. Thanks to Ross and Ann, I feel like when I was in my college days.”

– Manoj (panic attacks, anger management, gastro-intestinal symptoms)

“After seven years of chronic neck and back pain, I finally felt relief as a result of the treatment I received from Ross. I am truly grateful to Ross for his knowledge and ability to help me have pain relief. I have recommended several people to Ross for various issues (infertility, arthritis, muscular issues, anxiety, etc.) and will continue to do so. Everyone who has worked with Ross is thrilled with his care and treatment. Most importantly, everyone is getting the results that they want.”

-Lauren H (neck, back and joint pain)

“From my personal experience I believe Ross to be not only professional but a dedicated healer. When I first met Ross I was taking several medications for many years and was still not feeling healthy and by no means pain free. With patience and trust on my part I am no longer taking prescription medications and am well on my way to living pain free. Ross has positively changed my outlook on medicine by showing me the Eastern aspects and made me a believer again, which is something that I thought would never happen. Not only is Ross my acupuncturist but he has also provided me with immeasurable guidance spiritually and for that alone I am most grateful.”


“I have been treated by Ross Rosen for acupuncture for about 18 months now, and I’ve never felt better. The difference between my being treated by Ross and a medical doctor is that my whole person is now being healed, as opposed to just my superficial ailments. Ross practices with a high level of integrity and his knowledge about Traditional Chinese Medicine seems to be immeasurable. While being treated by him, it’s hard not to feel as if you are his only patient – it is evident that he genuinely cares for the welfare of each and every one he treats. He always has time to answer questions, he explains in great detail, and treats his patients and their concerns with much respect. Because so many aspects of my life have significantly improved since being treated by Ross Rosen (most importantly, my health), I hold him in high regard and recommend his expertise to anyone wishing to improve their quality of life.”


“Ross is a consummate professional who always seeks to expand his skill-set. Aside from his skill level which is exceptional, Ross employs a wonderful bedside. Working with Ross was a truly rewarding experience”

-Zach (post-surgical rehabilitation)

“Ross is a miracle worker. He and his staff provide great treatment in a quiet, relaxing environment. Ross has incredible knowledge of his craft and takes pride in what he does. Everyone that I have referred to Ross has been more than impressed and most importantly they feel much better than before.”

-Michael H (sciatica, back pain)

“I was diagnosed with hypothyroid Graves’ Disease in Sept 2007. My symptons were extreme fatigure, lack of energy and easy weight gain. I was very hesitant about undergoing the traditional course of treament; daily medicine and possible radioactive iodine treatment. Therefore, I searched for some alternative type of treatment. A few colleagues of mine were treated at the Center for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine for their own aliments and they were pleased with the outcomes. Therefore, I decided to make an evaluation appointment. I have been undergoing acupuncture 2x per week with herbal remedies for the last few months and have been feeling SO MUCH BETTER; my energy level has improved and my overall wellness has bypassed even my expectations. THANK YOU Ross and Ann!”

-Julie S. (Grave’s disease)

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“I am writing to tell you about the amazing experience I had with your herbal skin therapy. D and I moved to Los Angeles about six months ago, and we absolutely love living here! The only real issue I experienced in the transition was my skin. Right after moving here, I started to develop extremely dry, red, flaky skin on my face. I tried my usual skincare routine, but nothing would work. Exfoliating was painful and left it bright red. After trying everything in my medicine cabinet, I realized that staying home permanently was not the answer and I went to a dermatologist. He told me I needed a salycilic acid soap and hydrocortisone cream for the redness. While these gave me some relief, the soap left me feeling completely parched, and the cream was not to be used long term.

“Over Christmas in Dallas, I was telling T about my skin condition when she told me about your herbal skin therapy. She went and got a jar of it from her bathroom and said I could borrow it to see if it helped. I used it the moment we got back and could not believe how well it worked! The redness, flakiness and itchiness are all gone. I have been using it regularly since Christmas and am thrilled with how effective and soothing it is. You guys have a fantastic product!!

-David H.

“I ordered the Herbal Skin Therapy #2 for extreme stress eczema on my hands and I am pleased to say that after 2 weeks my skin is healing! My hands don’t hurt anymore, the cracks are healing and the darkness is lightening. THANK YOU! I HIGHLY recommend your product! I just can’t thank you enough!”

-Cheryl C.

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