Splenda far from Splendid

The amount of food products containing Splenda and other sugar substitutes like aspartame and the sugar alcohols is increasing exponentially. Being marketed as a “healthy” alternative to refined sugars is, yet another example, of the vast amounts of misinformation out there. And while refined sugars are a significant problem ubiquitous in our culture, Splenda, aspartame and the like are equally problematic and toxic. Please see the following links for some of the facts regarding these chemicals.



But yet, they continue to be ever-present in a vast number of foods at our local groceries. Even companies like Weight Watchers recommend these products as weight loss, low calorie substitutes. But can we really be surprised about that when this company gives the following recipe for a fruit cobbler.

1 bag frozen blueberries
1 bag frozen raspberries
sprinkle yellow cake batter on top
1 bottle of diet sprite/pepsi/7-up

Very scary, indeed.

One Comment

  1. Indeed. I always groan when I see/hear a Splenda commercial, particularly when they say “it tastes LIKE sugar because it’s MADE FROM sugar!” Even if one wasn’t aware of the metabolic difficulties presented by sugar, surely the company’s advertising stance of “What a great knock-off this is!” should raise a few eyebrows. I’m curious to know at what point we collectively decided that we could do a better job at making things than God, as that seems to be our official 21st Century modus operandi, as if we’ve ‘moved beyond’ Nature. Last I checked, moving beyond Nature meant moving into a pine box.