Sleep Your Way To Being Thin

A very interesting discussion by my teacher Jeffrey Yuen related decreased metabolism (and metabolic issues) and lack of sleep. The idea is that we are highly affected by seasonal/climactic factors and the amount of light that our eyes pick up (i.e., BL 1 and activation of wei qi). The more light our eyes pick up, the more our body thinks it’s summer all the time (ie, lots of yang energy). Due to technology, we live with light most of the time, albeit artificial light in our homes, workplace, etc. The body’ natural mechanism is that it wants to consume more carbs/sugar/fruits because the more the body can take in, it can store it as energy for the winter. However, winter never truly comes for us anymore because of artificial heating and lighting. So, we keep consuming sugar/carbs. The excess sugar stimulates fat and cholesterol accumulation, and leads to imbalances like diabetes and arteriosclerosis because our bodies are not following the cyclical nature of sunlight and seasonal influences. One major treatment is to increase sleeping. Without sleep, we lose/consume jing-essence faster. Taxation occurs. So, there is a cyclical relationship between our eyes (BL 1 and wei qi) and metabolism. The remedy is to synchronize our days with lighting, relaxing/resting once the sun goes down. Wei qi needs to go inwards to support the Kidneys at night. Sleep!


  1. HiI’m a new reader of your blog and got here via heartmedicine’s blog.Today has been a day for me of many overwhelming realizations about the world around me. I knew some things in the past but today a clearer picture of what is around me has been made. I want to make life changes for myself, for my family. It seems difficult to change a lifestyle that has been for 20 some years but I do feel empowered by what I have learned today. I want your help. I want to start one change at a time (got that inspiration from What would you recommend being the first change a person should make in their journey of becoming healthy people, all around? I am not talking spiritually because spirituality is something that I have the tools for already (very similar to your ideas presented on your blog), but more physical. I’d like to start eating all natural but that will take time to happen, getting accustomed to changes etc. Just send me in the right direction if you can.Thank you.

  2. As I was just going to post on a similar topic, I came back to review this old post to find that I neglected to respond to you. I apologize. To answer your question is difficult as everyone comes from a different starting point. But I think my first set of advice to the public at large would be to relax; stop worrying; get more sleep, especially in the few hours before midnight; and avoid unnatural foods like refined sugar and processed foods.As your journey has started a number of months ago, I would love to know what steps you have taken and the results, if any.Again, sorry for the delay in responding.My best,Ross