Scientific Method Hardly Scientific

It’s one of the biggest contradictions. The scientific method by definition isolates variables and observer in pursuit of objectifiable empirical data. All scientific studies rely on this standard and any claim must live up to it. The problem is that this classical notion of rudimentary physics, in fact, has been effectively undermined and replaced by quantum mechanics which recognizes the need to eliminate the separability of subject and object. With this new understanding of nature, it is recognized in the scientific community that the objectifiability of empirical data is simply an illusion. Yet, for some reason, the lack of objectifiable data in alternative medicines like Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbs) is portrayed as unreliable, mystical, quackery, etc. And western pharmaceuticals with their double-blinded studies are put on a pedestal as real medicine. Chinese medicine sees through the smoke and mirrors and the illusions. Its focus is on the interrelationships between phenomena; the analysis of the particular stressor(s) on the unique landscape of the individual. The true test of any medicine is on its ability to diagnose deviations from nature and help initiate movement back to its original nature. In this sense, the scientific method is a significant barrier to health.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Kaptchuk has a really good article on WM using the double-blind test as a moral judgment (i.e. we only accept results that fall under our accepted set of circumstances and weed the others out) and also its ridiculous insistence on refusing the physician’s effect on treatment. I hope this gets us one step closer to the end of materialist science.