Fate vs. Destiny

Wondering what others think about fate and destiny. To me it’s a very interesting concept. What are we meant to do, to become. So often these concepts are used interchangeably. I think of fate as something we have become resigned to. Destiny is more of what we are meant to achieve and become. What we are here for. Both seem to be out of our “control” in the sense that we either achieve our destiny by recognizing it, accepting it (surrendering), and then living up to our potential, or we either fail to recognize, accept or achieve it (fate).

I am open to others thoughts on this.


  1. I believe that the terms are synonymous in the fact that the words both allude to inevitability. In today’s society there is little faith in these terms and the simplest things are overlooked therefore abandoning the cause and effect of one’s actions. For example, I am always aware of where I am and acknowledge how I got there. I question the events that transpired to get me to today and look back in retrospect and admire what took place. I appreciate both the negative and positive forces and hold little regard to “what could have been”. I try to live every day in the moment and press away from my past. I am not saying that I do not respect my past but I have learned to acknowledge and learn from it and do not hang onto it. Basically I have learned to embrace and let it go. In essence I have accepted the forces of fate and destiny. What will be, will be. So overall I think that when people do not slow down they are disturbing the natural outcomes of their lives. In the end I guess I believe that both are predetermined forces of nature or higher being and when one understands both or either, things fall into place a little bit easier. Lauren Daniels

  2. From a slightly different angle, in the Chronicles of Tao, Deng Ming-Dao describes fate as “an active agent that exists solely to deter you from fulfilling your destiny.”