Call for Letters: Raw Milk

In May, there will be a hearing on the legalization of raw milk in NJ. Long overdue. If those interested could send a letter in favor of legal raw milk it would go a long way. Please mail 4 copies of the letters to:

Judith Mudrak
58 Cranberry Run
Southampton, NJ 08088

Here is a sample letter that can be adapted by anyone:

Re: Legalize Raw Milk

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is intended to express my deep concern and belief in a very important area of health and nutrition, namely the dairy industry and the availability of raw milk.

The health benefits of raw milk far out weigh that of pasteurized milk and an increasing number of studies are confirming this fact, a fact that has been well-known since the inception of pasteurization. An historical look at pasteurization reveals that the purpose of this technique was to aid the dairy industry and small farmers in their ability to make milk accessible to the general public. Pasteurization was intended to be a short-term solution until the technology was available to allow raw milk to be sold inter-state.

However, like most things, money seems to be a determining factor in decision-making. Once the industry realized how much money was to be made by selling pasteurized milk, another alternative was never pursued. The ability of big business dairy farmers to have milk sit in vats for days on end putrifying with harmful bacteria only to be pasteurized and allowed to be sold wound up being the norm. But the time has now come to allow the individual to decide the kind of food/milk/dairy it would like to consume rather than big business or governmental agencies.

Pasteurized milk due to the loss of enzymes and probiotics cause diarrhea, cramps, bloating, gas, gastrointestinal bleeding, iron deficiency anemia, skin rashes, colic in infants, osteoporosis, increased tooth decay, arthritis and a host of other serious and chronic ailments. In fact, many prominent doctors believe that pasteurized dairy is a key factor in the formation of many cancers.

More and more studies are showing that raw milk is by far healthier than pasteurized/homogenized and that any health risks are far outweighed by the health benefits. The Mayo Clinic has undertaken a RAW MILK CURE to treat diseases. It has been used throughout the ages to treat an endless variety of illnesses. And until the big milk companies became involved, raw milk was widely accepted as a healthy, affordable food available to rich and poor.

By studying the history of pasteurizing milk, one comes to understand how big business has put money in to the pockets of legislators who will support their interests, not the interests and health of the citizens they represent. Please do not prove yourself to be one of these legislators.

Let’s put our focus toward maintaining healthy cows, producing healthy raw milk, who are allowed to graze on pasture – not on subsidizing big farms that own cows who can barely stand, never see grass, and are in pain due to all the hormones and antibiotics that are being pumped in to them – and by those very companies who want to suppress any facts which support the health benefits of raw milk.

Please help to expand our rights to buy raw milk. The health of all of our families, and countless others, depends on it.



  1. Hi Ross,I was talking to my lab professor about raw milk and she said it was responsible for a huge TB outbreak since cows are rather large carriers of the TB bacteria. Is this true?

  2. Hi Lauren,This is a highly charged issue with tremendous political and financial considerations, but if you read the following links, you will get a well-rounded view on the issues. The short answer is no 🙂 of these cite “The British journal The Lancet reported, “Resistance to tuberculosis increased in children fed raw milk instead of pasteurized, to the point that in five years only one case of pulmonary TB had developed, whereas in the previous five years, when children had been given pasteurized milk, 14 cases of pulmonary TB had developed.”