Call for Comments

My motivations for blogging are many, but one is to create a forum for the discussion of topics in alternative medicine and healthy living. As such, I would encourage those reading to make comments, pose questions, share their ideas and thoughts on the various posts. I am very interested in your thoughts and look forward to a dialogue on these issues.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Ross, I have a question: First, I have had several head traumas growing up and have developed a mental illness (schizoaffective). I take prescription medications and they work well. However, I would like to understand what is going on in the brain with a mental illness from a more traditional, Taoist/Buddhist perspective. Also, I have developed high blood pressure and high cholesterol from these prescription meds. However, I have great levels of good cholesterol. Anyway, I am curious to your thoughts on these issues. Thanks!! 🙂

  2. Hi James,The questions you pose are large topics. The effects of head traumas (and all traumas for that matter) are to disrupt the heart and spirit. In previous posts, I have explained the mechanisms behind traumas impact, but for additional information you can look at Dr. Hammer has a nice case study on trauma in the articles section.I do want to spend more time with this answer, however, I leave for vacation in a day and can’t dedicate the time it deserves until I return. I apologize for deferring, and trust you’ll understand.

  3. I fully understand. I will read through you previous posts and visit that link. Enjoy your vacation!!(bow)_/I_

  4. Hi James,Wondering if you had a chance to read any of Dr. Hammer’s articles while I was away. A very important book on psychology and Chinese medicine was written by Dr. Hammer called Dragon Rises Red Bird Flies. I highly recommend it to you as it goes into significant detail regarding the questions you ask. Let me know if through the readings, you have any specific questions. I’d like to answer as specifically as possible due to the large scope of this topic.