Webinar on Chinese Dietary Therapy and Eastern Nutrition by Ross Rosen

Hi everyone,

As part of our mission on educating the public on all facets of Chinese medicine, I have created a webinar on the basic principles of Chinese Dietary Therapy and Eastern Nutrition.  Abiding by the principles contained in the webinar, people can attain better health and learn how to eat more appropriately and find their natural healthy weight.  I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.


In the webinar you will learn:

*The basic dynamics of the digestive system and metabolism

*Fundamental principles on what taxes and weakens the digestive organs and metabolism

*Why diets don’t work

*About the ‘signatures’ of foods (their energetic properties and how they affect you internally)

*About proper food combining

*About the impact of our emotions and habits on our digestion

*The formula “Nutrition = Food + Digestion”

*The functions of the different flavors and how to use them

*About the importance of regularity and timing of meals

*About modern concerns such as organics, microwaves, GMOs, sustainability, pesticides and plastics, etc.

*And a lot more!


To access the webinar please click on the link below. 

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