Ten Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Healing Retreat

  1. You can immerse yourself in your healing process.
A retreat is an opportunity to get away from the challenging schedules and responsibilities that often prevent you from reaching your health goals.  Healthy meals, daily yoga. tai ji and qigong, and hands-on workshops are built into the rhythm of your day.  You will learn methods of healing in an ideal environment to practice what you’re learning.
  1. Stepping out of your comfort zone will expand your mind.
When you get accustomed to living a certain way, life can become a bit rote and you run the risk of virtually sleepwalking through it.  Travelling can awaken your senses and creates an opportunity to see the world, and yourself, in a different light.  Psychologists assert that a immersion in a new locale and cultural environment can lead to more creative and expansive problem solving as our minds open.  
  1. You will unplug.
While you will not be cut off from the world, you will be removed from a world that is dominated by screens, phones, Facebook and Twitter.  It feels good to remove yourself from technology.  Unplugging (and walking around barefoot) will literally “ground” you and reconnect you to the Earth.
  1. You will make new healthy habits.
A retreat places you in an ideal environment to leave old, unhealthy habits behind.  Surrounded by support and access to an abundance of healing resources, you can create the new habits of a healthy lifestyle.  
  1. You can relax and enjoy yourself.
When you go on a retreat, you are claiming well-deserved time and space to focus on YOU.  You are free to create the gift you want to give yourself.  Everything you need to embark on a healing journey will be readily available to you.  Good choices abound – You choose!  
  1. You will become flexible.
Yes, the yoga, but that is just one of the ways you will become more flexible. Away from home, you are forced to “let go”, or at least loosen the reigns. Simply “allowing” opens up a whole new level of possibility.  Retreats can be a time to embrace unpredictability and fuel your spirit of adventure with new flavors, sensations and experiences.
  1. Your courage will find you.
Take the plunge!  There is an exhilaration that comes from taking that first step  that will awaken parts of you that you may have long forgotten.  You’re likely to find the courage to try things you never would have considered doing before.
  1. You will make friends
A healing retreat is an opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people who are striving towards some of the same goals that you have set for yourself.  Whether you choose to go alone or with a loved one, you will be supported and are likely to create new relationships that are rooted in your wellbeing and shared interests.
  1. You will remember what you love about yourself
A retreat allows you to spend a week in good company: your own!  Nourish and appreciate yourself and the best of you will shine.
10) Healthy travel will enrich your life long after you return home
When you return from a week of reconnecting to yourself and nature, you will appreciate what “home” has to offer.   You will bring mindfulness, vitality and a renewed sense of purpose to your daily routine.

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