Ross Rosen teaching on Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Shock and Trauma

Please join me at Kamwo Herbs on Tuesday June 18th at 7pm.
The Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Shock and Trauma: A common block to purposeful, effective and lasting treatment is the impact that shock and trauma have on one’s health. One of the most prevalent and yet unknown diagnoses in modern Chinese medicine, Heart Shock creates a sequelae of imbalances that if not dealt with prevent the full healing of our patients. With Shen-Hammer Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis and Classical Pulse Diagnosis one can readily diagnose the presence of Heart Shock from pathognomonic pulse quality presentations as well as its impact on other systems.  In this Meetup, Ross will detail how to diagnose and tailor treatment strategies that encompass these diagnoses leading to successful clinical interventions, including acupuncture strategiesincorporating the 8x, primary channels, luo vessels, divergent meridians, sinews, etc. and contemporary and classical herbal strategies that range from Sun Si-miao to Drs. Shen and Hammer….

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