Request for help

This is an email I received that I promised to forward…..

Dear Friends,

This is an urgent notice on David S. Ware’s health. David needs to
find a kidney donor.

David S. Ware was diagnosed with kidney failure in 1999 and he began
dialysis that fall. He had an intensive three week hemodialysis regime
toward beginning peritoneal (self-administered) dialysis, which would
allow him to travel. David has been on this self-administered dialysis
regime multiple times every day and night since October 1999. While
certainly difficult, he has been able to travel, and perform his music
undiminished, since then.

However, late this past December, David called to say that after 9
years this treatment was no longer working as it had been, and that a
kidney transplant is the only viable option for his survival.

Since then a number of friends and family members have offered to give
him one of their kidneys. Unfortunately, they have all been
disqualified due to health reasons or not having David’s blood type,

Some basic/initial requirements for viable donors are that they must
be under 60 years of age, do not have diabetes or high blood pressure,
are in general good health, and have blood type O (either O+ or O- is

The hospital where a transplant would take place is the very highly
regarded Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ

Willing and able potential donors should please get in touch with us
as soon as possible:

Steven Joerg / David S. Ware management
telephone: 718 854 2387

We will then get them directly in touch with the Kidney Transplant
Center at RWJU Hospital to begin the screening process for donor

Thank you on behalf of David S. Ware; please feel free to forward this notice.

Steven Joerg
AUM Fidelity

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