Nurture v. Nature

This debate has been going on forever. I don’t have an answer! But I was recently thinking it very convenient to blame so much of our health problems on genetics. Cancer genes, family histories of heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, etc. It seems as if every week we hear of another medical revelation/breakthrough: recently I saw a story on the genetic link between anorexia and twins. (It can’t be that they were raised in the same family with similar experiences and trained food habits and attitudes towards food, nourishment and their bodies.) If only we can blame every medical problem we face or are to face in the future on genetics, we can have a vaccine or pharmaceutical to treat everyone and everything. No more responsibility for how we treat our bodies, minds or spirits. No more thought to how we treat the environment. Eat and drink whatever you want and take your few dozen pills daily. It’s what the doctor ordered!

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