HPV/Cervical Cancer Vaccine

The issue of vaccines is a heated one, and this blog entry is not meant to be a discussion or analysis of the efficacy or morality of vaccines in general. (A blog will come on this subject soon.) But I recently came across a few articles and links regarding the HPV vaccine and thought I’d post on it.

Unfortunately, as vaccines are becoming a greater and greater part of the medical scene, vaccines like this one will keep popping up unless enough people get educated about the politics, financial gains and the false claims being perpetuated currently. This is a billion dollar industry and with that in mind, we must seek the facts for ourselves as the ones currently providing the information have significant interests and biases.

Just as we are to be convinced that providing a blood-borne disease vaccination to newborns on day one of their lives is valid (Hepatitis B vaccine), so too are we being told that vaccinating young girls prior to sexual maturity with the HPV vaccine is not only prudent but necessary AND SOON TO BE MANDATORY. Without belaboring the point, please see the following links for some of the facts behind this issue.


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