Being Happy

According to Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, there are 5 noble qualities that allow one to experience the “natural state of happiness.” They are:
1. Contentment: appreciating what one has, not yearning for what one has yet to possess.
2. Rejoicing: sharing in other people’s happiness, not feeling pride or envy.
3. Forgiveness: forgiving and apologizing at the right time can heal rifts and provide peace, respect and mutual understanding.
4. Having a Good Heart: (the most important of the 5) having an insight into the true view of reality that happiness comes from loving-kindness and compassion, not hate, close-mindedness or craving. This true view is that things do not possess any solid existence despite the impression they seem real and solid. They are simply impressions occurring as the result of prior causes and conditions.
5. Mindfulness: keeping our minds clear and calm and aware of each moment and attempting to improve ourselves.

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