A Good Time To Be Born

When is the right time for a baby to be born? The obvious answer is when he/she is ready. But so often this momentous occasion is interfered with, expedited, hurried for the sake of others, whether it be for impatient parents-to-be or perhaps obstetricians who would rather schedule a delivery than be woken up in the middle of the night or during a busy patient shift resulting in loss of income. Insufficient knowledge regarding the significance of the birthing process to the health of the baby has led to unnecessarily scheduled inductions and C-sections at a great cost to the health of our children. (See some of my prior posts on birthing trauma.)

So, currently I am waiting for the birth of my third child. The excitement cannot be described and can only be known by other expecting parents. But, I am waiting. As patiently as I can. Despite that the due date is approaching (and, in fact, is today according to the updated due date given at the 20 week sonogram). Of course, due dates are constantly being pushed forward based on sonograms (despite the accuracy of which is plus or minus 10 days or so). Why? The cynic in me believes it probably allows doctors to schedule inductions in the belief of preventing a baby from going too far past its due date (not the original due date). But, in my experience of three pregnancies, and a significant number of my patients, the original due date is the correct one. Another instance whereby technology fails to achieve the accuracy of nature.

So, I wait. I can’t wait. I am very excited!

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